Editor’s Note

Dear AJOTE Readers and Contributors:

Welcome to the African Journal of Teacher Education (AJOTE) Summer 2012 issue.  We are pleased with the interesting and diverse range of articles found in this issue. 

AJOTE:  Educational Studies in Status, Language, Gender, Culture and Society, Summer 2012 issue reflects a broad range of expertise and experience. This issue includes studies from several African countries and education fields.  The opening article by Oluniyi Oyeleke provides an historical comparison of teachers’ status within Nigeria that resonates across several other articles.  The societal status of education also appears in Dickson O.  Igwe’s discussion of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Open University systems, as well as in Ebele Okigbo’s and Amarachukwu Nwoye’s article on the role and status of Mathematics Education in relationship to society’s personnel needs.  Society and language are the focus of Thomas Walsh’s article on English programs in Tanzania and Sibonokuhle Ndlovu’s study on dual language use in a Zimbabwe school. Language and education status are also analyzed through cultural and gender paradigms as Maureen Mweru describes the role of children’s play toys and teacher instruction in gender socialization within Kenyan pre-schools and Kennedy Ongaga and Mary Ombonga explore the use of Tuseme, “Lets Speak Out,” in Kenyan Center of Excellence schools as a social justice theatre based methodology to empower girls and improve their societal and academic status. Each author paints a vivid picture of African education within his or her country across a range of education issues. They bring forward important and necessary conversations on the role of education and how to meet the various needs of its constituents, i.e. students, faculty, and the larger community.

Upcoming AJOTE Fall 2012 and Winter 2013 issues also promise to engage and entice readers to more fully explore African education.  The Fall 2012 issue is scheduled for release in December 2012 and the Winter 2013 is scheduled for March 2013. Please share AJOTE with colleagues and friends as part of your commitment to increased awareness in African education. We encourage and welcome submissions on African education in all fields and from all regions of the continent.

A sincere thank you to AJOTE’s outstanding Editorial Board, whose members diligently provide thorough and timely peer reviews. As we encourage authors from all education fields to submit papers for review, we also work to increase the range of education expertise on AJOTE’s Editorial Board.  If you are interested in becoming an Editorial Board member, please e-mail your request, along with your CV, to AJOTE at AJOTE2011@gmail.com.


Dr. Jamaine Abidogun
Missouri State University
Springfield, MO