Editor’s Note

Dear AJOTE Readers and Contributors:

Welcome to the African Journal of Teacher Education (AJOTE) 2016 Edition, Part I: Teacher Professional Development and Practices.  This issue focuses on the related issues of teacher professional development and quality practices inside and outside the classroom and concludes with the effectiveness of school head teachers as transformational leaders.

AJOTE: 2016 Edition, Part I presents educational research from Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Zambia. Ngozi D. Obidike Nnamdi Azikiwe University, leads this issue with a discussion on factors that impact teacher quality practices in Nigeria’s primary education.  Gladwell Wambiri and Mary N. Ndani, Kenyatta University, present survey results on teachers’ perceptions of their preparation and effectiveness in integrating Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Kenya’s primary education. Stephen Mabagala, University of Dar Es Salaam, identifies several factors that may cause increases in several types of teacher misconduct in Tanzania’s secondary schools.  Robinson Mambwe and Chisha Mwape, University of Zambia, provide an insightful study on the lack of professional development provided teachers to prepare them for retirement in the Zambia government schools system. Kwame B. Asare, University of Cape Coast, concludes this issue with review on head teachers and their potential as transformational leaders in Ghana’s basic or primary education.  These studies on varied areas of teacher professional development and quality practices highlight several professional development areas that require effective support structures to ensure quality education for students and to improve teacher work conditions. These articles present common issues shared across African education systems.

Watch for our upcoming issue, African Journal of Teacher Education (AJOTE) 2016 Edition, Part II in the next few weeks.

We encourage and welcome original papers and book review submissions on African education in all fields and from all regions of the continent.

Our sincere appreciation to AJOTE’s outstanding Editorial Board, who consistently provide thorough peer review of paper and book review submissions. If you are interested in becoming an Editorial Board member, please e-mail your request, along with your CV, to AJOTE at AJOTE2011@gmail.com.


Professor Jamaine Abidogun
Missouri State University
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