Academic and Social Challenges Facing Students with Developmental and Learning Disabilities in Higher Institutions: Implications to African colleges and universities

  • Williams Emeka Obiozor Bloomsburg University
  • V C Onu University of Nigeria, Nsukka.
  • Ifeanyi Ugwoegbu Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nigeria


African societies have much to learn from the exemplary programs and projects on disabilities, adult literacy and special education provisions in developed societies, like the United States, where effective legislations, curriculum and support services are provided at all levels for individuals with disabilities.  This paper discusses the academic and social challenges facing students with developmental and learning disabilities in higher institutions; including available  services in institutions of higher learning for such individuals-something that is yet to be introduced or effectively conducted  in most African nations unlike in the United States.  This paper noted the challenges which developmental and learning disabilities pose to students in general; as well as recognize the potentials, talents, and individual abilities of such students in contemporary institutions of higher learning which could be applicable to African universities and colleges. In this regards, recommendations on understanding student developmental and learning disabilities; application of universal design for learning (UDL), and the institutional roles needed to ensure that such students cope in class and achieve success on campus, were provided.

Author Biography

Williams Emeka Obiozor, Bloomsburg University
College of Education, Department of Exceptionality Programs