Challenges of Education for Democracy in The Gambia

  • Frederick Ugwu Ozor University of the Gambia


Several theories and conceptual issues surround global education-democracy connection. Such issues include those relating to the impact of formal education on democracy in developing countries. In contributing to the growing literature on these issues, this paper argues that education for democracy can strengthen democratic structures in the Republic of the Gambia and that developing knowledge skills in democratic education among teachers could play a significant role in developing democratic awareness. The paper addresses the basic question of whether the prevailing political culture in the Gambia is supportive of the Western model of democracy, and if not, what brand of African democracy could be adopted by African education to facilitate productivity in the society. How can African learning be structured to support democracy? The paper finally discusses the contributions of gender and age in the Gambia to democracy and democratic education, as well as how they could strengthen the development of democracy in the Gambia.