The Utilization of Social Media in the Classroom by Business Teacher Educators in Nigeria

James L. Morrison, Ganiiyu T. Oladunjoye, John Oyedele, Joshua Maman


The objective of the study was to determine how frequently social media is being utilized by business teacher educators in Nigeria and for what purpose. Specifically, the research problem was to determine the kinds of pedagogical practices associated with using social media for teaching. Surveys were received from 69 business teacher educators situated in 5 states in Nigeria of which 41 were from polytechnic institutions, 22 from colleges of education, and 5 from universities. The findings indicate that social media is only being marginally implemented in business teacher education in Nigeria. However, a significant number of business teacher educators would like to see the use of social media expanded by becoming more informed as to instructional alternatives


instructional social media; business teacher education; online education; social media

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ISSN: 1916-7822

Published by SPREAD Corporation (Sustainable Programs for Reducing Educational and Avocational Disadvantages)