Nunavut Library Association (NLA) News

Nunavut Shared Catalogue Advances

A new and improved online version of the catalogue shared by the Legislative Assembly of Nunavut Library, Nunavut Court of Justice Law Library, Nunavut Public Library Services, and Nunavut Arctic College Library, was launched in January 2006.  Special thanks go to Marc Bragdon, who was with Nunavut Public Library Services at the time of the launch, for his work on the website

Great gains in Inuktitut cataloguing have been made, as both the Legislative Library and Nunavut Arctic College Library have begun creating records in syllabics for their Inuktitut materials.  A workshop held in April brought together language experts, Inuit elders, and library representatives, and resulted in the creation of a glossary of cataloguing terms in Inuktitut.

New Website for Nunavut Public Library Services

Nunavut Public Library Services would like to announce the launch of their new website at; and also report a record year for summer reading programs in public library branches throughout the territory.

Parliamentary Librarians Conference a Success

The Nunavut Library Association would like to congratulate Yvonne Earle at Nunavut’s Legislative Library for hosting a successful conference for the Association of Parliamentary Librarians in Canada (APLIC) in Iqaluit this past summer.

Court of Justice Library Moves to Iqaluit

The Nunavut Library Association recognizes the hard work and planning by librarian Gary Pon, in orchestrating the move of the Court of Justice Library to its new location in Iqaluit.  Gary is now settled into the new space, and the grand opening of the courthouse was held September 7th.

Who is Nunavut Library Association?

The Nunavut Library Association (NLA) is small in numbers, informal in structure, and geographically dispersed (the membership spans three time zones!)  This network of library workers relies on each other and collaborates on a range of matters, including issues fundamental to the operation of libraries.