Port Hope Public Library wins Angus Mowat Award for Business Initiative

Alex Mahabir
Community Outreach Coordinator
Port Hope Public Library

Port Hope Public Library in Port Hope, Ontario, has won its second consecutive Angus Mowat Award of Excellence for Public Library Service.  The Library won the Ministry of Culture's 2006 award for its Library.Card.Cool campaign, which encouraged every child in Port Hope to own and use a library card.

The Library received the 2007 award for its Open a BOOK; Open a BUSINESS @ Port Hope Public Library initiative.  The goals of the project were to develop and expand print and other resources to meet the diversity of information needs in the local business community, to investigate and purchase information and book resources to support agriculturally based activities, to implement a plan to advertise and promote business resources available at Port Hope Public Library, and to enhance the Library's role in developing effective partnerships with business-related groups.

To accomplish the project's goals, the Library formed funding partnerships with the local Community Futures Development Corporation, Cameco Corporation, and the Friends of the Library; and advisory partnerships with the Port Hope and District Chamber of Commerce, the Municipality of Port Hope Economic Development Office, and the Heritage Business Improvement Area Association. 

Using the funding and advice received from the project partners: 

Port Hope Public Library has prepared an electronic information package about the project.  To receive the package or for further information, please email Alex Mahabir, Community Outreach Coordinator, amahabir@porthope.ca or Barbara Stephenson, Chief Librarian/CEO, bstephenson@porthope.ca.