Profile: Greg Marshall

School Librarian/Grade 4 Teacher, Dunwich Dutton Public School, Dutton, Ontario

What was your first job ever?

At 15 I worked in a warehouse putting "Canada Toy Council Approved" stickers on boxes of Brio toy trains.

Describe your first job in libraries.

My first library job was here in the library at Dunwich Dutton Public School. I fell in love with it right away.

If you weren't a librarian/library worker, what would you be? Why?

If I wasn't our school librarian, I would be a full time classroom teacher. I need to exist in an environment where I'm surrounded by learning.

Who has been a big inspiration/influence on your library career?

James Turner's fictional comic book librarian "Rex Libris" is my librarian hero. Not only is he one of the only fictional male librarians, he also has a sweet suit. Rex Libris is a must read for all librarians.

Name one person you admire (outside of libraries) and explain why.

I admire people who take pride in whatever it is they do.

What is the best part of your job?

Shelving! Seriously though, the best part is reading great picture books to primary classes.

In terms of electronic resources, what is your favourite search interface and why?

Personally, I'm a big fan of Google. What can't it do? On the school front, I really like the Kids Infobits electronic database. It always turns up relevant, readable information.

What was a great conference you attended and what made it great?

I attended the OLA superconference last year and was blown away by the wealth of knowledge I encountered there. Meeting so many experienced librarians really got me thinking about my own program and how to make it better.

If you could say one thing to someone interested in a career in libraries, what would it be?

I'd like to encourage more men in teaching to consider the teacher/librarian role. It's a dynamic and interesting job!