Atlantic Provinces Library Association (APLA) News

Atlantic Provinces Library Association (APLA) News

New Continuing Education Committee Chair: Ella Nason

The recently struck Atlantic Provinces Library Association Continuing Education Standing Committee will be chaired by member Ella Nason.  Ella is Assistant Director of New Brunswick Public Library Service.  She began her career with New Brunswick Public Library Service in 1997 as Public Services Librarian at the provincial office, was appointed Acting Assistant Director in 2000 and was permanently appointed to the position of Assistant Director in 2001.  During the course of her studies, she worked in both academic and special libraries.  She served as Co-Chair of the Program Committee for Atlantic Provinces Library Association 2006, is a past councilor at large of both the Canadian Association of Public Libraries and the Association of Professional Librarians of New Brunswick and was a participant in the 1999 Northern Exposure to Leadership.  She obtained her MLIS from McGill University in 1997.

New Continuing Education Interest Group Convenor: Heather Matheson

The Atlantic Provinces Library Association Continuing Education Interest Group has a new convenor, who will be coordinating things through cyberspace “from away”.  Heather Matheson, a proud Maritimer and Reference Librarian at Carleton University Library, is a graduate of Dalhousie University's School of Library and Information Studies, and was awarded the 2003 Atlantic Provinces Library Association Award and the School of Library and Information Studies Leadership Award. Heather is also co-moderator of IFLA's Digital Libraries mailing list and has been investigating and presenting on efficient professional development through best use of current awareness tools including Web site tracking software, electronic mailing lists, weblogging, podcasting and RSS; her Weblog, "Inspyration" ( addresses these issues from the perspective of a new academic librarian in Canada.

New Librarians Interest Group Convenor:  Denise Corey-Fancy

Denise Corey-Fancy is a recent graduate of the School of Information Management at Dalhousie University and is currently working in the Reference Department at the Fredericton Public Library.  She received the Carin E. Alma Somers Scholarship from the Atlantic Provinces Library Association and was a recipient of the Leadership Award at graduation. 

Prior to library school, Denise attained a Diploma of Library and Information Technology and worked at both Mount Saint University and Saint Mary's University libraries.

Denise is the captain of the Bookworms, a team taking part in the 2006 Run for the Cure in Fredericton.  She and her husband plan to travel to Romania in 2009 to hunt for Count Chocula.

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