A Maturing Publication

It's my great pleasure in this section to introduce and welcome Partnership's two new editors: French Language Editor, Kumiko Vézina and Copyeditor, Michael Lines. Michael and Kumiko were appointed to their positions in March, 2012 following a thorough search, and both have made significant contributions to this issue of the journal.

Kumiko is Electronic Resources Coordinator at Concordia University Libraries in Montreal. She has published and presented in both French and English and has a strong interest in open access. Her article “Libre accès à la recherche scientifique : opinions et pratiques des chercheurs au Québec" appeared in volume 1, number 1 of Partnership. Michael is Faculty and Student Services Librarian, Diana M. Priestly Law Library, University of Victoria. He brings to Partnership extensive experience as an author and has been a peer reviewer for the journal for a number of years. With the addition of Michael and Kumiko, the Partnership editorial team of thirteen members now spans seven provinces and four time zones, which should make the task of scheduling editorial conference calls logistically interesting!

Volume 7, number 1 of Partnership was developed on the “continuous publication" model practiced by BMJ and other e-journals. Articles were posted individually to an “Advance Version" of the issue as soon as they made it through the editorial process. The first two articles were published on May 10, 2012, and several more were added in each subsequent week until the formal publication announcement was made on June 21. By releasing articles as they are finished, some authors get to see their work in circulation a little sooner, and readers can have access to the latest research a little earlier. Continuous publication in no way compromises the stringent peer-review and quality control standards maintained by the journal.

This issue features articles by several former Partnership authors, including Tony Horava, Jenn Horwath, Alain Lamothe, Elaine Ménard and Ken Williment, as well as a number of new contributors from across Canada. In addition, we are pleased to offer an international contribution in the Theory and Research section by Wulystan Mtega of Tanzania.

Now in its seventh year of existence, Partnership is a well-established, maturing publication. To date, 238 different authors have contributed 279 articles to the journal. These articles have been accessed collectively over 270,000 times. Two of our articles: Luigina Vileno's "Testing the Usability of Two Online Research Guides" (vol. 5, no. 2, 2010) and "Mobile Access to Audio and Video Collections in Libraries and Other Cultural Institutions" by Doi, Mason and Wiercinski (vol. 6, no. 1, 2011), have been featured in Roy Tennant's “Current Cites" annotated list of the best current literature in information technology. The current issue of Partnership features articles originating from six provinces plus one international contribution and a peer-reviewed video of a conference presentation. Clearly, Partnership is playing an important role in enhancing the communication of ideas within the Canadian library and information community.

David Fox

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