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Jennifer Richard
Academic Librarian / Editor
Acadia University 

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize and thank a number of people who have contributed so much to both the development of the Partnership network, as well as the journal, over the last two and half years.  During the last year, three of the founding members of the Partnership have retired or stepped down.  Larry Moore, Executive Director of Ontario Library Association has retired after a long and inspiring reign at OLA and will be greatly missed.  Judith Silverthorne of the Saskatchewan Library Association stepped down in late 2007 and most recently Mike Burris, Executive Director of the British Columbia Library Association has accepted a new position with the Public Libraries in BC.  On our editorial board, three of our founding editors, Heather Morrison (BCLA), Lorie Kloda (ABQLA) and Heather Berringer (APLA/OLA) will be finishing up their terms on the editorial board with the completion of this issue.  I send out my heartfelt appreciation and admiration to all these wonderful, hardworking people for their contributions to the Canadian library community.  It is their professionalism and enthusiasm, along with many others including Trudy Amirault, Chair of the Education Institute Committee that has fostered the development of this journal initiative as well as that of the Education Institute and the Career Centre.   

So where do we go from here?   In anticipation of the turnover on the editorial board, it was decided at the Partnership Meeting in February that the journal should have a volunteers committee to review applications and select volunteers for the journal as positions become available.  Members from the Partnership serving on this committee are Su Cleyle from the Atlantic Provinces, Amy Rankin from Saskatchewan, Alison Hopkins from the Northwest Territories and myself as Editor in Chief.  We have received multiple applications for each of the positions and I thank you all for your interest.  That is something I love about our profession, no matter how busy or overwhelmed we feel, there is never a lack of volunteers.   We will announce our new editors during the summer. 

As for further development of the journal, I plan to work on screen capture tutorials over the summer to assist new editors, as well as peer reviewers and authors in the submission process and workflow of the OJS software.  It is a great system and I highly recommend it for electronic publishing, but many have commented that it is not very intuitive.  We would also like to plan a few sessions, perhaps through the Education Institute or locally with the library associations, covering the peer review process and tips for new peer reviewers.  In addition, I expect that the Partnership Board will discuss the inclusion of a writing coaches' programme under its Career Centre initiative this summer.  The programme would allow mentors to aid library workers who would like to publish, but have limited experience.  On a personal note, I also hope to encourage faculty at my institution, Acadia University, to begin exploring the potential of open access journal publishing using OJS in their fields of expertise as we begin to develop a plan for our own institutional repository.

Once again I would like to thanks the authors, editors and reviewers who have created another diverse and interesting issue.

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