Alberta's libraries. Books and beyond.

Janis Galloway
The Alberta Library

Books and beyond, a new campaign to promote Alberta's public libraries, has officially launched. The campaign is unlike any provincial library campaign seen before, says Karla Palichuk, Director of the Alberta Public Library Electronic Network.

The campaign, created by Rethink Communications, uses TV, Internet, radio and print ads to show real-life library scenarios -- with a twist.

"Many people still have a stereotypical view of libraries -- a view that just doesn't match the reality," says Palichuk. "Last year, over one million Albertans took part in one of over 50,000 public library programs across the province and asked 4.5 million reference questions. Libraries go way beyond books, and we're going to show that."

The campaign features scenarios that show how people use not only books, but DVDs, CDs, the Internet and library programs to make life better. Or at least they try. That's where the twist comes in, says Palichuk.

"The impressive thing about Rethink's approach is that they tell stories, even in brief 15-second spots. This is a fresh take on the library -- and that's what we're looking for."

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