Bibliothèque Saint-Jean, U of A, collaborates with the Provincial Archives of Alberta.

Tatiana Usova,
Head Librarian, Bibliothèque Saint-Jean
University of Alberta
Telephone: (780) 465-8710

As a way to celebrate the Campus Saint-Jean and University of Alberta Centenary, Bibliothèque Saint-Jean (, the largest French Library in western Canada, welcomed the exhibition "Francophones of Alberta: courage and determination" from the Provincial archives of Alberta. It was on display from September 15th until November 16th 2008.

This exhibit shows, through archival records and photographs, the history of the region and the development of the francophone community since the arrival of the first pioneers. It creates an exceptional university experience for students and faculty and helps them discover their roots, perfect their knowledge of the province's history and enhance their cultural perspective.

Bibliothèque Saint-Jean is proud to build this partnership with the Provincial Archives in order to give life to memory and to connect people to communities.

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