Vol 5, No 1 (2010)

Table of Contents

Editor's Comments

The history and future of CLA according to me
Jennifer Richard

Innovations in Practice

Marcie Lynne Jacklin, Heather Pfaff
Susan L. MacDonald, Todie Winter, Robert Luke

Theory and Research

Alex Guindon, Danielle Dennie
Alain R. Lamothe
Virginia Wilson

Conference Spotlight

Maha Kumaran, Lorraine Salt

Book Reviews

Book Review: Going Beyond Google: The Invisible Web in Learning and Teaching
Betty M. Jeffery
Book Review: Best Books for Boys: A Resource for Educators
Linda Ludke
Book Review: Crash Course in Reference
David Hendrik Michels


Five Principles Towards a National Reading Strategy
Jane Pyper


Profile: Emma Durand-Wood
Emma Durand-Wood
Profile: Julia Mayo
Julia Mayo
Profile: Janis McKenzie
Janis McKenzie
Profile: Tessa Nettleton
Tessa Nettleton

News and Announcements

Remembering Alan MacDonald
Leeanne Morrow
News Directly from the Provinces!
Leeanne Morrow
News from Newfoundland and Labrador
Annette Anthony

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