Vol 5, No 2 (2010)

Table of Contents

Editor's Comments

Goodbye and thanks again
Jennifer Richard

Innovations in Practice

Luigina Vileno

Theory and Research

Heather Empey
Heidi LM Jacobs, Selinda Berg, Dayna Cornwall
Barbara Kelly

Conference Spotlight

Chantal Phillips

Professional Development

Mike R. Beazley


Profile: Leanne Baldwin
Leanne Baldwin
Profile: Peter Glenister
Peter Glenister
Profile: Linda Searcy Howard
Linda Searcy Howard
Profile: Suzanne van den Hoogen
Suzanne van den Hoogen

News and Announcements

Northern Alberta Health Libraries Association News
Thane Chambers
Changes at the BCLA Office
Leeanne Morrow
Ontario Public Library Week - Celebrating Accessible Library Services
Leeanne Morrow
Dr. Norman Horrocks 1927-2010
Leeanne Morrow

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