Vol 7, No 1 (2012)

Table of Contents

Editor's Comments

A Maturing Publication
David Fox

Innovations in Practice

Kenneth William Williment, Tracey Jones-Grant
Tony G Horava
Alexandra Caroline Black Sensicle
April Colosimo, Megan Fitzgibbons

Theory and Research

Jenn Anne Horwath
Elaine Ménard
Alain R. Lamothe
Vivian Howard
Joanne Oud
Catherine Boden, Susan A. Murphy
Wulystan Pius Mtega

Conference Spotlight

Thumeka Mgwigwi
Dan D'Agostino, Sarah Forbes

Professional Development

Section Editor's Comments: Us, Learning
Barbara Kelly
Kevin Stranack
Lita Barrie, Rebecca Raven

Book Reviews

Book Review: A Guide to Teaching Information Literacy: 101 Practical Tips
Ian Murray Fraser
Book Review: Practical Open Source Software for Libraries
Mark Jordan
Book Review: Archives: Principles and Practices
Gabrielle Prefontaine


A Message from the Profiles Editor
Christine Neilson
Profile: Jennifer Easter
Jennifer Easter
Profile: David Fox
David Fox
Profile: Mary Kandiuk
Mary Kandiuk
Profile: Barbara Kelly
Barbara Kelly
Profile: Christine Neilson
Christine Neilson

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