Vol 2, No 2 (2007)

Table of Contents

Editor's Comments

The Ins and Outs of the Peer Review Process
Jennifer Richard

Innovations in Practice

Geoff Brown, Kathryn Harvey
Terrence Paris
Scott W. Schwartz, Christopher J. Prom, Christopher A. Rishel, Kyle J. Fox

Theory and Research

Dorothy Anne Forbes, Christine Neilson, Janet Bangma, Jennifer Forbes, Daniel Fuller, Shari Furniss
David Fox
Pamela S. Morgan
Laurie Morrison
Constant Okello-Obura, Mabel K. Minishi-Majanja, Linda Cloete, J.R. Ikoja-Odongo

Conference Spotlight

Marjatta Asu, Leanne Clendening
Catherine AuYeung, Sheila Dalton, Sandra Gornall

Book Reviews

Critique littéraire: Contester le silence, contester la censure.
Barbara Ann Bourrier-LaCroix
Book Review: The Virtual Reference Handbook: Interview and Information Delivery Techniques for the Chat and E-mail Environments
Cees-Jan de Jong
Book Review: Information Literacy Collaborations that Work
Laura Emery
Book Review: Introduction to Public Librarianship.
Sarah J. Gladwell
Book Review: Making the Writing and Research Connection with the I-Search Process: A How-To-Do-It Manual. 2nd edition.
Janet L. Goosney
Book Review: Adult Learners Welcome Here: A Handbook for Librarians and Literacy Teachers
Brenda A Livingston
Book Review: Storytimes ... Plus!
Linda Ludke
Book Review: Sing a Song of Storytime
Alice Moore
Book Review: The Medical Library Association Guide to Cancer Information: Authoritative, Patient-Friendly, Print and Electronic Resources
Susan M. Murray
Book Reivew: Managing Student Assistants.
Corey Redekop


Brian Cameron, Cecile Farnum


A New Format for the Profiles Section
Virginia Wilson
Profile: Patricia Hayward
Profile: Adrian Johnson
Profile: Els Kushner
Profile: Susan Murray
Profile: Christine Sheppard

News and Announcements

Library Association News from Across Canada
Leeanne Morrow
Library Book Rate Awareness Campaign 2007 / Campagne de sensibilisation au Tarif postal des livres 2007
Laura Emery, Annie Bélanger
Initiative for Equitable Library Access
Trisha Lucy
WILU 2008 Announcement and Second Call for Papers
Majorie Mitchell
Children's Book Authors Honoured
Leeanne Morrow
Grey Highlands Public Library Digitisation Project
Jess Posgate

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