Vol 4, No 1 (2009)

Table of Contents

Editor's Comments

Is (Academic) Librarianship Dead?
Jennifer Richard

Innovations in Practice

Melanie Mills, Marisa Mitchell

Theory and Research

Sue Adams
Elaine Ménard

Conference Spotlight

Kenneth William Williment

Professional Development

Exploring Social Software at UBC Library: The TOTS Series
Lindsay Ure, Susan Atkey, Katherine Miller

Book Reviews

Book Review: Serving New Immigrant Communities in the Library
Laura Emery
Book Review: Training Paraprofessionals for Reference Service: a How-To-Do-It Manual for Librarians
H. Rainer Schira


William F. Birdsall
Tony G Horava
Daniel J Sifton

News and Announcements

Northern Alberta Health Libraries Association (NAHLA) News
Dagmara Chojecki
CLA Launches Open Access Interest Group
Lisa Goddard, Leah Vanderjagt
News from the Provincial, Regional and Territorial Library Associations of Canada
Leeanne Morrow

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