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Cameron, Andrea, Concordia University Libraries (Canada)
Cameron, Brian, Ryerson University Library (Canada)
Campbell, Sandra M, University of Alberta
Campbell, Sandra M, University of Alberta (Canada)
Campbell, Sandy, University of Alberta Libraries
Canadian Association of Professional Academic Librarians, Steering Committee,, Harriet M. Sonne de Torrens University of Toronto (Canada)
Carlyle, Cate Louise, Mount Saint Vincent University (Canada)
Carruthers, Alex, Edmonton Public Library (Canada)
Carson, Pamela, Concordia University (Canada)
Chambers, Thane
Chatterley, Trish, University of Alberta (Canada)
Chiu, Jenny
Chojecki, Dagmara
Christiansen, Erik Gordon, University of Alberta (Canada)
Chudolinska, Marta, OCAD University (Canada)
Civallero, Edgardo (Spain)
Clark, Diane, University of Alberta (Canada)
Clarkson, Amelia
Clendening, Leanne, Ontario Library Service-North (Canada)
Cloete, Linda, University of South Africa, Pretoria
Clyde, Jerremie, University of Calgary
Colaiacovo, Natalie
Collins, Nancy, University of Waterloo (Canada)
Colosimo, April, McGill University Library (Canada)
Colosimo, April, Life Sciences Library, McGill University
Colosimo, April Lynn, McGill University (Canada)
Constant, Marcelynn, Bernard Constant Community School
Cook, Diana
Cornwall, Dayna (Canada)
Corrado, Edward M., Binghamton University (United States)
Côté, Maryvon, Nahum Gelber Law Library McGill University 3660 Peel Street, Montréal, QC, H3A 1W9 (Canada)
Crewdson, Kathy, NextLibrary Inc.
Cross, Emma, Carleton University (Canada)

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