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Gale, Alan, University of Guelph (Canada)
Galloway, Janis, The Alberta Library (Canada)
Galloway, Janis, The Alberta Library
Gamache, Ethel, Université Concordia (Canada)
Germaine, Juanita
Gibson, Ian, James A. Gibson Library Brock University (Canada)
Gill, Navroop, University of Toronto
Gillis, Roger, Dalhousie University (Canada)
Gilmour, Lauralee, Parkland Regional Library (Canada)
Girven, Wendy J., Penn State University
Gladwell, Sarah J.
Glenister, Peter
Goddard, Lisa, Memorial University of Newfoundland (Canada)
Godfrey, Krista, Memorial University of Newfoundland (Canada)
Goldfinch, Ellen, Ministère de l'Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur-Direction des services à la communauté anglophone. Québec (Canada)
Goosney, Janet L., Memorial University of Newfoundland
Goosney, Janet L., Memorial University/Newfoundland & Labrador Library Association (Canada)
Gordon, Shannon, University of Waterloo
Gordon, Shannon, Memorial University
Gore, Genevieve
Gore, Genevieve C., McGill University (Canada)
Gornall, Sandra (Canada)
Graham, Rumi, University of Lethbridge (Canada)
Granfield, Diane, Ryerson University
Greenberg, Amy, Ontario Council of University Libraries (Canada)
Greenwood, Aleteia, Head, Science and Engineering Library, University of British Columbia
Groenendyk, Michael, McGill University
Guindon, Alex

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Partnership: the Canadian Journal of Library and Information Practice and Research (ISSN: 1911-9593)