Impacts of Hosting a Sport Event in Tourism High Season

Cristina Jönsson, Crystal C. Lewis


The timing of hosting sport tourism events during tourism high season can socially impact the quality of life of the residents living within the host community. Therefore, in order to successfully assess the impact of these types of events on the social well-being of residents, the perceptions of those who reside in close proximity to the event should be taken into consideration. Social impact assessments of sport tourism events, though seemingly important, are often avoided by scholars who give precedence to the perceived economic benefits of hosting a tourism sporting event. Avoidance in measuring the social impact stems from the limited credibility that this type of assessment is believed to have, as the perceptions of residents can change over time. Regardless of this, the manner in which local residents view a particular event is critical to its long-term success. From a social sciences perspective, this paper examines the impacts of hosting a sport event in tourism high season through locally perceived notions. Previous studies assessing local perceptions of social impacts of a small-scale event hosted during tourism high season on a small island are limited, and this paper fills this gap.


Sport Events; Event timing; Recreation; Marathon; Social Impacts; Tourism Seasonality; Barbados

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Published by SPREAD Corporation (Sustainable Programs for Reducing Educational and Avocational Disadvantages)