The Millennium Development Goals and Private Sector Participation in University Education: The Case of Nigeria.

  • T. L Adepoju University of Guelph, History Department
Keywords: Access to education, Millennium Development Goals, National Universities Commission, Private Sector Participation, University Education


The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) is a global issue and the attainment of these goals has remained the focus of the development agenda all over the world. No doubt, private sector participation in university education has a significant role to play in achieving these MDGs. Private universities are globally set up to satisfy a need – for both students and indeed markets. This paper examines the contributions of the private sector participation in the provision of university education in Nigeria vis-à-vis the MDGs and the extent to which these private sector initiatives have solved the problem of equal access to university education (unsatisfied demand) with a view to mapping out some planning and policy decisions for better improvement and operation. The need for government to support private sectors participation in the provision of university education towards meeting the MDGs in Nigeria is also advocated for in this paper.