The Effect of Cost of Education on choice of Private universities in Uganda

Wilson Muyinda Mande


This study analysed the effect of cost on choices by international students to study in private Ugandan universities. The analysis indicated that fees policy contributed 17% to the way cost was considered. The relationship between fees policy and choice was 36%, implying that fees policy also influenced choices of a university. The purpose of the study was achieved because it was shown that cost influenced up to 75% of the choice of a University. The study proposed adopting an Activity Based Costing approach in determining the cost of education. A simulation test gave a prediction that if adopted, Activity Based Costing would contribute 13% to cost. All this increased the total causal effect of cost on choice to 88%.


cost, choice, private universities, fees policy and activity based costing.

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Published by SPREAD Corporation (Sustainable Programs for Reducing Educational and Avocational Disadvantages)