A Review of Mark Pedelty's Ecomusicology: Rock, Folk and the Environment

  • Camille Jodouin University of Guelph


The twenty-first century has been marked by the emergence of new disciplines reacting to the environmental crisis we currently face. One of those disciplines is Ecomusicology, a field of research that focuses on exploring the relationship between music, nature, and culture in the context of our increasingly globalized and polluted world. In his 229-page long monograph, Ecomusicology: Rock, Folk and the Environment, Mark Pedelty investigates whether the most popular music genres on the planet—pop and rock—can reconnect us to our natural surroundings and create a positive environmental impact. To this end, he uses techniques employed by other ecomusicologists, such as philosophical discussion and lyrical analysis, but also draws on his background in anthropology to try out novel, field-based approaches.