A Review of Philip V Bohlman and Goffredo Plastino's Jazz Worlds/World Jazz

  • Anna Perkins Christopher Newport University


Jazz Worlds/World Jazz, edited by Philip V Bohlman and Goffredo Plastino, provides a fresh and vivid take on the world of jazz beyond American borders. It questions the notion that jazz is exclusively American at heart, as it is commonly treated. This book proposes that perhaps labels such as “ethnic jazz” or “world jazz” simply ignore the hybridity of jazz, and that a more informed view would expand the genre. The collection of essays that make up the book are divided into five main sections: Place, History, Media, Globalization/Indigenization, and Race. Each chapter contains contributions from a different author and presents a unique political or cultural perspective regarding world jazz. These authors reference individual experience, personal interviews, and local histories to express the style of jazz within a particular region. Complete with a CD containing corresponding music, this large-scope collection is a helpful resource for those looking to learn about jazz beyond the United States.