• SURG: Editorial Opportunities

    SURG is currently accepting applications for Assistant Editor positions for Fall 2017: Competitive applicants are typically senior undergraduate or graduate students with previous editorial experience and/or experience in disciplinary research and writing (scientific, humanities, or other), who demonstrate exemplary written communication skills and work to meet deadlines in a team setting. As a SURG Assistant Editor, you will progress not only your editorial and scholarship skills for your future, but will also have the sought-after experience of the SURG Journal. Those interested may send a cover letter and resume/CV, along with any additional questions to surg@uoguelph.ca Read more about SURG: Editorial Opportunities
  • What does a publication in SURG demonstrate?

    As increasing importance is placed upon the practical applicability and versatility of one’s post-secondary educational experience, a publication in SURG demonstrates a graduate’s willingness to revise, condense, and review their work in light of critical feedback, and to present a cogent piece of writing within a relatively short time. Openness to critical feedback, proficiency in written communication, and an ability to deliver high-quality outputs within a limited timeframe are valuable skills in almost any workplace, both in individual and in team-based work environments and tasks. Read more about What does a publication in SURG demonstrate?