Editor's Note - SURG, Fall 2012

Welcome to SURG’s Fall 2012 edition!

Anita Acai


SURG Editor-in-Chief Anita Acai
Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry)
Department of Molecular & Cellular Biology

As SURG’s new editor-in-chief, I am delighted to present to you the 11th issue of Studies by Undergraduate Researchers at Guelph (SURG)! As always, we continue our tradition of highlighting undergraduate research from throughout the University of Guelph.

Our current issue brings together a compelling mix of articles that highlight the diverse research interests that exist at our university. Our issue begins with a study on the link between volunteerism, empathy, and relationship status and a student’s candid reflection of his experiences as a summer research assistant in the Department of History. After this, it takes a more global perspective through an examination of free market environmentalism as a strategy for social and environmental sustainability in managing African national parks and a cost-benefit analysis of national park tourism in Kenya. Our next article takes a look at the relationship between marriage based on education level and income inequality in the United States. Finally, you’ll get a chance to explore the world of science with an assessment of the effects of Damselfish behaviours on coral reef and algal diversity in the Caribbean, a study that models interactions between a bacterial toxin and two of its potential binding partners, and a review of multiple sclerosis including potential causes and therapies.

I am incredibly grateful to the SURG editorial and advisory teams, faculty reviewers at the University of Guelph, all student authors whose work is featured in this edition of SURG, and of course, our readers – we could not have produced such a successful issue without your generous contributions. I also owe thanks to (Dr.) Rob Fieldhouse – my predecessor and SURG’s longest-serving editor-in-chief – who has made significant contributions to bringing SURG to the outstanding publication that it is today. I look forward to continuing to work with SURG to feature undergraduate research at the University of Guelph.

Happy reading and may you have a prosperous 2013,

Anita Acai
SURG Editor-in-Chief